Our Partner - Fast Shipping and Quality Matters

Our Partner - Fast Shipping and Quality Matters - Teeducate

A mission of TeeCyber is to provide you with high quality, relaxed, and stylish apparel featuring original designs as the fastest as possible. This could not have been possible without the cooperation and all out support of our valued partner - Dreamship.

Why Dreamship?

A sampling of Dreamship’s on-demand offerings

Dreamship's philosophy is straightforward: treat every last order like it’s their first. The company thoroughly vet all products added to their inventory, and test the full spectrum of print and color complexity on them. Every order is checked for accuracy, packed accordingly, and shipped to the customer in a realistic time frame. Yes, they’ve nixed the 2-4 week drag that platforms have notoriously normalized.

It sounds simple on the surface—deliver great products accurately and quickly— but the complexity multiplies without the proper technical infrastructure, vendor relationships, and firsthand experience. 


Inside Dreamship plants

How Dreamship control the quality?


Printing shirts at Dreamship

Dreamship track many quality metrics but the two we prioritize are errors and shipping times.

The goal is for errors to never make their ways to customers. Dreamship's partners conduct quality checks during the fulfillment process to help us achieve this. In the case that an error is detected, it gets logged for corrective address to ensure there’s no repeat.

Legends Were Born in April 1960 Mug

Dreamship inventory

Shipping time is another important metric for them to gauge the quality of the service. In the Amazon-led world of ecommerce, we and Dreamship believe waiting the typical print-on-demand 2-3 weeks or dropshipping’s 4-5 weeks is simply unacceptable. Getting orders to the end consumer quickly (and accurately) is critical to their overall satisfaction. We strive to continually improve our operations and minimize the wait time between order placement and delivery.

The packages

Putting It All Together

At TeeCyber, we select only partners that are recognized for flawless prints and industry-leading tech to ensure you get the best quality products, delivered fast. That why we believe Dreamship can help our business become a brand known for delighting customers. Better quality and fast shipping is only the start. 

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